Online Access

Online Access Information

If you are interested in getting access to your medical records and being able to access them anytime, anywhere, or ordering your prescriptions, from your phone or any other internet accessible device, you can read a little about your options on this page. Patient Access and the NHS app are the two most commonly used options. Take a little time to read about each option to see which is right for you, or request a registration letter to view a list of some of the other options.

If you are already registered and have a Patient Access account, you can go to the Patient Access website using the link below. If you would like to register to get access to a Patient Access account or to get set up to use the NHS app you can fill out the Application for Online Access below. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about the NHS app you can use the link below to take you to our NHS app information page.

If you are having issues with your Patient Access account the best time to call for help is 9am - 1pm Monday through Friday on 01386 551441. During these listed hours the IT team is a little more accessible for Patient Access specific queries but may still be able to help outside of those specific times.


Online Access Help

The NHS app, Patient Access, and any other providers that offer online access services are not run by or managed by us at Abbottswood Medical Centre. We help make the connection from them to your records so that the right information gets to the right people. For any issues that we do not discuss below please be aware we might not be able to help, some of these tasks include changing passwords, changing memorable information, and changing/updating email addresses, other things.

Please read below to see if some of the information provided might pertain to your issue, but generally we reccomend contacting the help pages and/or service provider of your chosen app first before contacting us at Abbottswood Medical Centre.


Helpful information/tips:

You recently tried to set up an online access account and it is asking you to contact your practice to get a ODS Code, Linkage Key, and/or an Account ID. When you contact us to request this info, please be aware that upon request we will need valid ID and proof of address. Then we can issue you a registration email which has this info.

You are seeing your partners name or information when you sign into your account or vice-versa. You may have recently changed practices, or there could be a couple other things causing this, but the most common is shared email addresses. When you set up an online access account, you must have a unique email address. If you have the same email address listed as someone else for your account, it can mix up the information. To fix this, we might end up having to completely delete both accounts, and set them up from scratch with unique email addresses. Another common cause is using a shared device; same web browser, or "remember me/remember my credentials". If you use a shared device, when you sign into your online access account, make sure you do NOT choose to save your credentials. A common issue is putting in your log in information, but your significant others "saved credentials" overwright yours when you click login. To remedy this you have to clear browsing data and check that it clears saved credentials before it will allow you to sign in.

You want access to your coded medical records. This is not necessarily the same as requesting Online Access. You can request access to your coded medical records at any time, but before giving you access to your coded medical records you will need to read our Access Leaflet. If you requested access to coded records initially when you requested online access we will need to see valid id and address before we can process your application. If you request access to your coded records some time after your original request for online access, we will just need to make sure you read/have read the access leaflet as you will already have had to present ID and address for the original application. Even if you had online access at a previous medical practice, you will need to present valid ID and proof of address.